[Buddha-l] Accuracy

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 01:54:01 MDT 2010

Dear Richard B.

Thank you for making very clear and explicit the party line and affiliations 
which are to be lauded and reviled in this group. What that translates into 
is that trash-talking the US and Israel is laudable, while defending either 
is cause for being reviled. By that definition, only the defenders can be 
accused of hate-speech, as the other Richard kindly reminds us repeatedly; 
the trash-talkers are beacons of truth. Thank you for making my point for 

As I asked and commented in a message to Erik a short while back:

Is there a way to call it what it is without sounding like an extremist?

That's the irony -- the bloodthirsty masquerade as the righteous, and those
who recognize them for what they are eschewed as illiberal.

So the answer to my question seems to be a resounding "no."

Knowing that that is the general ethos it would be very easy to stay silent 
when the party-line sermons are broadcast. I choose not to. I know it's 
unpopular. I also know there are more prudent lurkers who appreciate my 
efforts. I do what's right, not what's popular.

>members of the imperial USA or the
> mythical Zion.

That, of course, is the purpose. Making Israel illegitimate. Thank you for 
making that clear as well. Anyone else care to stand up and cheer besides 



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