[Buddha-l] Accuracy

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 16 02:36:20 MDT 2010

Op 16-06-10 09:54, Dan Lusthaus schreef:
> As I asked and commented in a message to Erik a short while back:
> ---
> Is there a way to call it what it is without sounding like an extremist?
> http://www.investigativeproject.org/1428/al-quds-day-celebrating-hate-and-supporting-terror
> That's the irony -- the bloodthirsty masquerade as the righteous, and those
> who recognize them for what they are eschewed as illiberal.
> ---
there are many ways to call something what it is, without sounding like 
an extremist. Unlike Wittgenstein thought language is not a projection 
of a state of affairs, but an interpretation. So if the speaker is not 
an extremist, she will not flip into an extremist position and will 
therefore not speak out in an extremist way. The make sure this happens 
some Buddhists have the technique of mindfulness others like to maintain 
an empty mind.
In the video we see angry people talking angrily and waving symbols. If 
we would get angry or upset about it, we wouldn't be mindful or have an 
empty mind, we also would forget all about compassion and wisdom and we 
would speak like an extremist. Why don't we try to stop these people and 
give them what they need? They just need sympathy and respect, and then 
also some good education.


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