[Buddha-l] Ethical Dilemmas and Death Penalties andmaliciouszombies for governor.

Stefan Detrez stefan.detrez at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 11:40:00 MDT 2010

> > What, do you think, would be the consequence of that 'right to die on
> > demand' in terms of prison daily life?
> In my correspondence with prisoners, I get the impression that in most
> California prisons an inmate can exercise his right to die rather easily.
> All one needs to do is to walk up to a very big guy with lots of tattoos and
> accuse him of being an eel-wriggler or an icchantika. Death before midnight
> is pretty much guaranteed.
> Any idea if some of them would like to have assisted suicide for
non-medical reasons? Would there be room for assisted suicide as a
bodhisattvic gesture?

Stefan, unobligatorily alive

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