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Cockroaches, like ants and other terrestrial insects, primarily look for water, rather than other types of food. Therefore, it would be reasonable to conclude that, as long as there is water on this planet, cockroaches and other terrestrial insects will also survive and continue to search for water, whether or not humans survive on this planet in the future and share this fragile planet with six-legged cockroaches and other terrestrial insects. 
Geoff Morrison

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Richard wrote:

>The most cheerful news I heard recently was from a biologist who thinks the human race is>on the brink of extinction, but the cockroaches will probably survive. It was almost enough>to make me believe in God.The most cheerful news I heard recently was from a biologist>who thinks the human race is on the brink of extinction, but the cockroaches will probably>survive. It was almost enough to make me believe in God.

I doubt cockroaches will survive - no restaurant or public utility kitchen floors for them to infest? My next door neighbour probably keeps half the population of cockroaches in Southend-on-Sea alive. The bloke upstairs most likely feeds the other half. It's OK there is probably no creator God after all.
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