[Buddha-l] Perfection of Sanskrit

Michael Attwood jayarava at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 05:23:45 MDT 2013

I'll try you'll on another academic question.

Jan Nattier points out in her article on the Heart Sutra that
"niṣṭhānirvāṇaprāptaḥ" as a translation of 究竟涅槃 is a bit like the English
phrase: "long time no see"
​.​ T
he grammar is Chinese,
​but ​
the words are English (or Sanskrit).
​[I'm paraphrasing]​

So I'm wondering what a better translation of
究竟涅槃 in Sanskrit might be? Especially taking into account that the
statement "na prāpti" earlier in the text.

By being aprātitva (in a state of non-attaining) the bodhisattva...
"[something] nirvāṇa​".

​If you don't know Chinese,
​ means something like "finally, ultimately, in the end".​
Any thoughts appreciated, and good ones will get a mention on my blog in
the next few weeks.

Best Wishes

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