[Buddha-l] Perfection of Sanskrit

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 29 07:40:09 MDT 2013

> Jan Nattier points out in her article on the Heart Sutra that
> "niṣṭhānirvāṇaprāptaḥ" as a translation of 究竟涅槃 is a bit like the 
> English
> phrase: "long time no see"

> So I'm wondering what a better translation of
> 究竟涅槃 in Sanskrit might be? Especially taking into account that the
> statement "na prāpti" earlier in the text.

> By being aprātitva (in a state of non-attaining) the bodhisattva...
> "[something] nirvāṇa​".

> JayaravaQuickly --

The Skt line is:

cittāvaraṇanāstitvādatrasto viparyāsātikrānto niṣṭhanirvāṇaḥ

The corresponding Chinese is:


which could be translated:
"[the bodhisattva, relying on Prajñā-pāramitā,] is without mental 
obstructions; because there are no obstructions, there is no fear. 
Completely detached from all conceptually-perverted dream thoughts, [this 
is] ultimate Nirvana."

I suppose one could translate niṣṭha-nirvāṇaḥ as "being fixed in nirvana" or 
"stable nirvana."


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