[Buddha-l] Perfection of Sanskrit

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 30 04:03:30 MDT 2013

> Thanks for this. However, I am seeking a better Sanskrit translation of 究竟涅槃,
> not a better English translation of either.
> Jayarava

It doesn't work like that. While there are common equivalents, it's rarely a 
matter of one-to-one invariable correspondences. You had asked in the 
context of the Heart Sutra -- and the corresponding Skt there was 
niṣṭha-nirvāṇa, which is found in other texts as well.

In A. Hirakawa's Skt-Ch Dictionary he gives the following Skt equivalents 
for 究竟涅槃:

nirvāṇa-paryavasāna, niṣṭha-nirvāṇa, parinirvāṇa

For 證究竟涅槃, he gives: parinirvṛta

The Yogacarabhumi contains the following equivalents, including Tibetan:

究竟涅槃 atyanta-niṣṭhe nirvāṇe SHIN TU MTHAR THUG PA'I MYA NGAN LAS 'DAS PA
最極究竟涅槃 atyanta-niṣṭha-nirvāṇa SHIN TU MTHAR THUG PA'I MYA NGAN LAS 

Additional Tibetan equivalents (with probable Skt -- from Yogacarabhumi):
究竟涅槃  YONGS SU MYA NGAN LAS 'DA' BAR 'GYUR BA (pari-nir-/vā:parinirvāti)
究竟涅槃  YONGS SU MYA NGAN LAS 'DAS PA (parinirvāṇa, nirvāṇa; parinirvṛta
究竟涅槃  MA LUS PA MYA NGAN LAS 'DAS PA (Complete nirvāṇa)

(satkāya-nirodha-nirvāṇa. satkāya-nirodhe nirvāṇe)
無上安隱究竟涅槃  BDE BA BLA NA MED PA'I MYA NGAN LAS 'DAS PA (highest 
happiness nirvāṇa).

So, the jury concludes, the "better" Skt for 究竟涅槃 are niṣṭha-nirvāṇa and 
atyanta-niṣṭha-nirvāṇa / atyanta-niṣṭhe nirvāṇe.


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