[Buddha-l] Perfection of Sanskrit

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 30 12:58:42 MDT 2013

> Hi Dan,
> I have dictionaries. I had hoped for a little more imagination.
> Jayarava

Then imagine. It seems you don't know what you want. These are the attested 
equivalents, i.e., what translators into Chinese used. 究竟 has the same 
semantic range as niṣṭha / niṣṭhā (which is what Lance and I mentioned).

If you want a fuller range of attested Sanskrit equivalents for 究竟, as 
used by Parmartha or Xuanzang, see Hirakawa's Index to the Abhidharmakosa, 
v.2. I'd copy it for you, but you have dictionaries...


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