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I think it is up to the US administration to act. I read that someone once wrote a computerprogram that could generate every melody possible and print it out. He tried to get the copyrights but faild. Remember the piracy of Monsanto and the tango between Apple and Samsung. The patenting swindle has gone bezerk. Some artist patented the name Allah and perhaps even the word Buddha wil become a protected trademark.


Jo <ugg-5 at spro.net> schreef:

>Hi Chris,
>Thanks for the news about patenting yoga asanas and the Traditional
>Knowledge Digital Library link. I'm guessing that those in the USA who
>to patent yoga will 'invent' their 'own' asanas in order to get
>patents. One
>wonders how hard the Indian government is working to interfere with
>process, other than listing such items on their Trad. Database. Or if
>can even afford prosecuting.   So much revenue destined for the
>there is siphoned off by corruption as deposits in secret bank accounts
>outside the country. 
>(Recent reminiscence--Mitt Romney, anyone?)
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>Re greed
>Did you know that people have actually tried (and managed) to patent
>asanas in the USA?
>The Indian government created  a Traditional Knowledge Digital Library
>database in order to prevent pharmaceutical companies trying to patent
>traditional medical formulations.(bio-piracy) It now also includes
>like Yoga asanas  because people started getting patents on these in
>Link: Traditional Knowledge Digital Library http://www.tkdl.res.in/
>"The US Patent and Trademark office has reportedly issued 150
>copyrights, 134 trademarks on yoga accessories and 2,315 yoga
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