[Buddha-l] New Verso series: Counterblasts

Jo ugg-5 at spro.net
Mon Jul 8 08:40:01 MDT 2013

Buddhism has had its polemical discussions as well, like books on WW2
Japanese Buddhism. 
I am happy to see this development in publishing. 

Here's a title that caught my attention: _The Imperial Messenger: Thomas
Friedman at Work_, by Belen Fernandez, 2011. It is in this Verso series.
Might be fun to find their current list.

About the series: Counterblasts is a new Verso series that aims to revive
the tradition of polemical writing inaugurated by Puritan and leveller
pamphleteers in the seventeenth century, when in the words of one of them,
Gerard Winstanley, the old world was "running up like parchment in the
fire." From 1640 to 1663, a leading bookseller and publisher, George
Thomason, recorded that his collection alone contained over twenty thousand
pamphlets. Such polemics reappeared both before and during the French,
Russian, Chinese and Cuban revolutions of the last century. In a period of
conformity where politicians, media barons and their ideological hirelings
rarely challenge the basis of existing society, it's time to revive the
tradition. Verso's Counterblasts will challenge the apologists of Empire and


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