[Buddha-l] nytimes article on the Emory U Tibetans and Science project

Joy Vriens joy.vriens at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 02:20:13 MDT 2013

Le 12/10/2013 22:37, Dan Lusthaus a écrit :
> Why assume Tibetans would be incapable of understanding scientific 
> methods and knowledge on its own terms? Are they culturally retarded?

Hi Dan,

Perhaps it may be worth paying a visit to Men-Tshee-Khang, an Institute 
of Tibetan Medecin and Astrology, established by the 13th DL and 
re-established by the 14th DL, to see how Tibetans catch up with western 
science and update Tibetan medecal and astrological science with the 
latest findings?


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