[Buddha-l] New Verso series: Counterblasts

Christopher Fynn chris.fynn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 01:56:13 MDT 2013


Now you've retired, perhaps you should take up a new career writing
Buddhist-Unitarian "polemical blasts".

- Chris

On 10/07/2013, Richard Hayes <richard.hayes.unm at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jul 9, 2013, at 10:47 , curt steinmetz <curt at cola.iges.org> wrote:
>> the announcement explicitly and proudly proclaims their inspiration to be
>> .... Puritanism! You know, the people who really did wage "War on
>> Christmas", and who banned public performances of Shakespeare's plays,
>> etc?
> The Puritans were not alone in declaring a war on Christmas. The Quakers
> also eschewed the celebration of Christmas and Easter, and the Unitarians
> joined them is eschewing Easter. So even those who were generally at odds
> with one another (there being no love lost between the Puritans and the
> Quakers) found common ground in their resistance to traditional Christian
> holidays and to frivolous activities such as dramatical performances.
> Buddhists tend to be on the same page with all those fun-eschewing
> sobersided Puritans, Quakers, Presbyterians and Unitarians. My goodness,
> what a dour lot!
> Richard

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