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Book Announcements:  Buddhism and Nativism; 'Archaeologizing' Heritage?

1.  New Brill Series:  "Challenging Paradigms:"  Buddhism and Nativism:
Framing Identity Discourse in Buddhist Environments
Edited by Henk Blezer, Leiden University, and Mark Teeuwen, Oslo  University

Buddhism is often portrayed as a universalising religion that transcends the
local and directs attention toward a transcendent dharma. Yet, wherever
Buddhism spreads, it also sparks local identity discourses that, directly or
indirectly, root the dharma in native soil and history, and, in doing so,
frame 'the local' in Buddhist discourse. Occasionally, notably in Japanese
Shinto and Tibetan Bön, this localising variety of 'framing of
discourse'-here tentatively termed 'nativism'-leads to the establishment of
independent traditions that break free from Buddhism; yet, in other
contexts, localising trends remain firmly embedded within Buddhism.

In Challenging Paradigms: Buddhism and Nativism Teeuwen and Blezer  offer a
comparative study of localising responses to Buddhism in different Buddhist
environments in Japan, Korea, Tibet, India and Bali.

Readership: All those interested in Buddhist studies and particularly the
rise, spread and assimilation of Buddhism, or, more broadly, in emerging
religions, the development of religious identity discourse, and the
construction of indigenous religions, as well as area specialists of the
covered regions.

2.  'Archaeologizing' Heritage?  Transcultural Entanglements between Local
Social Practices and Global Virtual Realities  
Falser, Michael; Juneja, Monica, Eds.
(Series: Transcultural Research  Heidelberg Studies on Asia and Europe in a
Global Context). Springer: Heidelberg, New York, 2013. ISBN

This book investigates what has constituted notions of "archaeological
heritage" from colonial times to the present. It includes case studies of
sites in South and Southeast Asia with a special focus on Angkor, Cambodia.
The contributions, the subjects of which range from architectural and
intellectual history to historic preservation and restoration, evaluate
historical processes spanning two centuries which saw the imagination and
production of "dead archaeological ruins" by often overlooking living local,
social, and ritual forms of usage on site. Case studies from computational
modelling in archaeology discuss a comparable paradigmatic change from a
mere simulation of supposedly dead archaeological building material to an
increasing appreciation and scientific incorporation of the knowledge of
local stakeholders. This book seeks to bring these different approaches from
the humanities and engineering sciences into a trans-disciplinary

This book offers:
  - The first trans-disciplinary insight into the concept of 'archaeological
heritage' between architectural and intellectual history, historic
preservation and scientific computing
  - A unique compilation of case studies on South and Southeast Asia which
covers the world-famous sites of Angkor, Pagan and Bamiyan
  - A wide range of impressive illustrations from different historical and
current media an archaeological sites: manuals, drawings, maps, plaster
casts, tourist guides, photogrammetric materials and virtual computer models

The TOC is here: 

Webpage of Springer with more information and free downloads: 

For more information about the project "Heritage as a Transcultural 
Concept" at Heidelberg University, see here: 

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